Saturday, March 20, 2010

On the Prowl for Best Nachos

By LC Cokinos

I am a freelance writer and have three kids who have attended or are attending five different DC Public schools: Wilson, Duke Ellington School for the Arts, Hardy Middle School and Key Elementary. Things have changed over the years, but for the most part my kids didn't want to have anything to do with school lunch. Okay, there was that one time 10 years ago when my eldest was in third grade, and she thought Ms. Deez made the "best pizza" ever. (It was pre-packaged and heated up at school.) Key has been renovated since then and has an amazing though underutilized kitchen. Still my current fourth grader is not too fond of lunch.

Here's his report on his favorite dish:

"I like the nachos because it's make your own. Well, they aren't really nachos because there's all this cheese and a mystery meat and beans, and I don't like beans, and it's not cooked, but it's good."

Next installment - I infiltrate the cafeteria at Key and see for myself.

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