Sunday, July 4, 2010

More on Congress' Excruciating School Lunch Reauthorization Process

Does childhood obesity pose a national security threat?

Former top military brass say we need to address school meals because too many young people are too fat to qualify for service.

You can read the second half of Jill Richardson's coverage of House hearings on reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act at the La Vida Locavore blog.

You can watch videos of the hearings here.

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  1. Definitely--childhood obesity is a threat to national security: not just for the above reason, but as it could help bankrupt the medical system and is helping to undermine ecological systems as we literally consume the Earth. And yes, school meals will be an important way to fix this problem.

    In the newest State of the World report by Worldwatch Institute, there's a great short article about school meals that has some useful non-US examples. Thought I'd share as you might find it useful.