Monday, September 27, 2010

Lunch from Home: Pizza

By Ed Bruske
aka The Slow Cook

The thing kids like most to eat in the school lunch program is pizza, and schools are constantly slammed for serving too much of it. It's become a kind of joke.

So look what this fourth-grader brought from home? I couldn't tell if it was carryout pizza or homemade, but it doesn't look bad at all. And it sure beats Lunchables, don't you think?

We eat pizza at home as well occasionally, but I'm not sure my daughter would bring it to school. She doesn't like foods she thinks need to be heated to be eaten, and her public school does not have a microwave the kids can use. (Please, no comments about the microwave. They are a common kitchen device.)


  1. I'm a fan of making pizzas at home with our kids. We use whole wheat pita as the crust and add toppings that we like. Including veggies. The pizza pictured looks to be a calorie bomb and absent much nutritional value? What are your thoughts Ed?

  2. My kids have a thing about cold food, too. Especially my youngest. I'd love it if she'd let me pack pizza leftovers.

    About once every couple of months my husband buys them those nasty lunchables pizzas or nuggets. They eat them at home because they insist I heat them up, I don't know how kids can stand to eat them cold.

  3. Aerangis, looks like a regular cheese pizza to me, maybe better than Lunchables. But if she were being served in the lunch line, she would have gotten only one slice, not two.