Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vegetarian Alternate: Taco Chips

By Ed Bruske
aka The Slow Cook

This is the standing "cold" alternate lunch for Fridays in D.C. elementary schools, according to the menu posted on Chartwells website. Chartwells calls this, "western corn and black bean salad with whole grain tortilla shells and homemade BBQ ranch dressing."

To me, this looks like frozen corn tossed with canned black beans next to some corn tortilla scoops you usually see in the chips aisle at the grocery store. I don't see the "homemade BBQ ranch dressing." What would you put it on? The pear had been served with the main lunch the day before, and of course milk--either low-fat or non-fat--is always available for the kids to choose from.

How would you rate this meal? Is this a meal?


  1. This is almost as lame as the Kix and Poptarts they served at my son's school this morning, when the Chartwell's menu said "all natural yogurt cup". Ha.

  2. Whole grain? I think calling a corn chip whole grain is a stretch. I also wonder if they are salted? On the good side, kids might enjoy scooping up the corn and beans in the chips. I would like to see a little more color. How about a carrot or some tomatoes? Something green would be nice. What do our nutritionists think out there?

  3. That so-called lunch is inexcusable. We need to teach the kids to make appropriate choices, and have them get in on the conversation.Nobody wants to see a return to the gender-stereotyped home economics classrooms and curriculum, or the tuna casseroles, but how about some basic principles and pragmatic instruction that would transform daunting chores into manageable and rewarding pursuits?

    Home Economics Class: It’s Not Like You Remember

  4. A little bit of salsa would at least make it palatable. Why does everything have to come with ranch? Sour cream would actually go with it. I'm not sure if that would make it a nutritious meal but it would at least taste a lot better.