Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are You Mad as Hell About School Food?

By Ed Bruske
aka The Slow Cook

Jane Black had a fascinating piece in The Washington Post this week about some of the city's top chefs gathering at a restaurant in January to fulminate over the woeful state of school food. I was struck by this quote from Cathal Armstrong, who has made quite an imprint on the Washington area food scene as chef and co-owner of Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, VA.

"What we are feeding our children is an outrage," Armstrong is quoted as saying. "We should be marching with picket signs and pitchforks in revolution."

Does that describe your feelings about school food? Are you ready to start a school food revolution?

I'm seeing more and more parents organizing and publishing their own blogs with photographs of their local school meals. Maybe these angry parents and angry chefs ought to join forces? Include all those angry teachers as well.

Sounds like a powerful combination to me.


  1. Yes! Ed, you are buzzing like a bee. I like your energy. We need to do lunch. :)

  2. Count me in!
    The school lunch revolution has many enraged and empowered individuals and organizations powering it forward. You are totally right about uniting forces so that we can make the most impact.