Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reasons to Avoid Hormones in Milk

Parents for Better D.C. School food advocate milk with no added sugars or flavors and no bovine growth hormone.

Most of the nation's commercial dairy cows are treated with a genetically-engineered growth hormone that encourages them to produce more milk. They also die sooner. Monsanto, the creator of this particular hormone, for years waged a campaign to prevent milk producers who don't use it from saying so on their milk labels. Then, Monsanto abruptly sold rights to the product to another company, Posilac.

There have been concerns for years about how cows might pass the growth hormone along to humans through the milk and what harm that might cause. Of particular concern is the hormone's potential for causing breast cancer even in young women.

For more on bovine growth hormone, here's a good article from the Allergy Kids foundation. And here's another from Healthy Child.

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  1. I'm really surprised that there are not more comments on this one Ed.
    I've got 2 girls and I've been buying organic milk for several years, not that they drink a lot of milk anymore. There was a lot of talk a few years back about BGH and I think it scares them. I know it scared me. At the time I had a skinny little ballet dancer who was drinking 3 glasses of milk a day who suddenly developed overnight.
    That and for the youngest...she wont eat much of anything to do with cattle after learning about feedlots. Who could really blame her.
    I've tried to reason with her over organic, grass fed, happy cows. So far no go so no beef for her or much milk.