Monday, May 24, 2010

Update: Classroom Breakfast False Start

Confusion reigned at my daughter's elementary school this morning after an initiation of breakfast in the classroom failed to start.

The school's principal said she received an e-mail at 8:30 last night from food services saying the breakfast service in classrooms was cancelled, at least for today. She did not know if or when the program would be rescheduled.

In the cafeteria, the door to the food line, usually closed at 8:30, remained open with kids queued up waiting to get in. We had received a phone call from the school over the weekend notifying us that breakfast would be served in the classroom beginning at 8:45. But one parent said she never received that call.

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  1. Why is your kid eating breakfast at school in the first place? Can't you just get up and give them some cereal or toast? It's a bit ridiculous to rely on government to do this for you.