Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rocky Mountain Lunch Rescue: The Complete Series

Kids love their nachos in Boulder

Over at The Slow Cook, our fabulous web designer, Keri Marion, has just finished adding a new feature to the front of the blog: Rocky Mountain Lunch Rescue, a quick portal to our recent series of articles detailing the efforts of parents, community leaders and "renegade lunch lady" Ann Cooper to ditch the junk food schools were serving in Boulder and replace it with real food made from whole ingredients.

To access the main stories in the series, you can click on any of the nine numbers. They are stored in chronological order, so number one is the first in the series, nine is the epilogue. But if you hover your mouse over the text in the box and click, you will be taken to a separate field listing those stories and all of the sidebars. Would you believe there are 16 stories in all? There was lots to tell, but even more incredibly, some people have actually read all of it and lived to tell.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this investigation of the big change in Boulder school food. This series takes its place with those written earlier this year about Berkeley, Calif., and the District of Columbia. Should we start a pool to guess where I end up next?

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